​​Congratulations to Mike Raatz, Jon Davis and the entire Elkhart RV Team!  Presented the 2020 Distinguished Vendor of the Year            award for theTHIRD year  by                 Newmar Corporation! 

Newmar has very high standards for their vendors and several people and departments make the decision as to who receives these awards.  It is a collaborative effort on the entire Osgood team but Mike and Jon go above and beyond the call of duty                  with all of the customers.                  Professionalism at it’s best!



"Representing the Manufacturer ~ ​​Servicing the Customer ​​​"

"What's New at SMO"

Strategically Located to cover the central US

Providing with strategically located  representation.  As a manufacturer's representative, we differentiate ourselves by taking complete ownership of our accounts.

S.M. Osgood Company provides Representation focusing on Marine and RV Industries.  We provide a valuable resource for our customers and principals producing increased sales with an emphasis on the market growth and product development.


"Representing the Manufacturer / Servicing Our Customer"

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